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As a graduate, I searched for jobs to no avail which led me to the all-purpose Nigeria job (marketing) for a real estate firm.I have always had the passion to learn Forex trading but lacked the funds to enroll with a proper Academy. Then I happen to stumble upon a Forex Trading Academy in Abuja, FXPRENEUR GLOBAL LIMITED. Though I had no funds to enroll with them, my passion propelled me to continue pushing for an opportunity to start which I finally got and it has been an amazing journey thus far.Being a female in this male dominant industry is indeed something I am proud of and I am grateful to FXPRENEUR GLOBAL (FXPG) for the opportunity to learn through them.
Ulasi Queen Chioma
Being a smart person, I have always believed I could learn anything without guidance and training. How wrong I was! I chose Forex trading as my choice of digital skill because I believed it was my gateway to financial freedom and my then job was paying peanuts. So, I downloaded online materials and watched some videos and I decided to venture into the industry without proper coaching. Fast forward to 6 months later and a lot of money lost to the industry, I found myself asking questions on how the pros make it without losing like I have lost. I got a hint of a proper training and mentorship from seasoned professionals in the field. I researched and tried out two (2) of them but was getting same information I have gathered previously on my own. I was at the verge of giving up when an online post directed me to FXPRENEUR GLOBAL LIMITED, a Forex trading Academy in Abuja. I decided to try one more time since they were close to my office. I would never forget the words from my trainer “you have to unlearn to learn”. I enrolled and to my surprise, it was as though I was hearing about Forex for the first time as the class was well detailed and articulated. Since then, it has been from one high to another. FXPG made it possible!
Hashem Gerald
Former Fashion Designer
Even though I have always been an advocate of a salary paid job, I have secretly envied those who got paid on skills. The moment I had to opportunity to choose one, I did not hesitate to choose Forex Trading. I did a few research about getting started and even read some online materials but got no quality knowledge due to lack of guidance. A friend introduced me to an Academy, FXPRENEUR GLOBAL LIMITED, an Abuja based Forex Trading Academy where I started my Forex journey. Most persons see Forex trading as a scam due to the fact that they don’t have the right education but the exceptional and quality education I got from FXPRENEUR GLOBAL LIMITED (FXPG) got me to a cruise level in my trading and I am consistently making profits from my trades.
Egbunu Silas
Civil Servant

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